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Sr. No. Particulars Description PDF Attachment
1 Name and Address Of the P.E. SACHDEVA PUBLIC SCHOOL  
2 Website Address  
3 Name and Address of the Proprietor / Director/ Partners SH S K SACHDEVA  
4 Phone / Mobile Number And E-Mail I.D of Establishment / Person incharge of contract work 1127325795  
5 Name and Address of the Place/ Site where the contract workers  are to be employed FP BLOCK, PITAM PURA, NEW DELHI - 110034  
6 Phone/ Mobile Number and E-mail ID of person incharge of the site 1127325795  
7 Copy of Power of Attorney / Board resolution Authorizing To Act As P.E.    
8 Copy of MOA/ AOA/ Partnership Deed/ Proprietor`s I.D. Proof    
9 Nature of Work for which Contact worker are to be Engaged/ employed School  
10 Form "V" issued by P.E. to each contractor – Rule 21(2)   Click Here
11 Notice of commencement / Completion of Contract Work- Rule 81 (3)    
12 Application if form I-Rule 17(1)   Click Here
13 Agreement with Each contractor alongwith rate & no.of worker for which contract has been give   Click Here
14 Letter of extension of contract period issued to contractors, in case of renewal of license   Click Here
15 Affidavit By P.E. regarding compliance of Rule 25(2) (V) and that wages to contract workers are being Paid through Account payee Cheque/ ECS    
16 Name and Designation of the person Authorized under rule    
17 Challan of registration fees ( G.A.R.-7)   Click Here
18 Registration Certificate No. Under CLRA Act-1970   Click Here
19 Registration Number / Certificate Under the Companies Act, 1956   N/A
20 Registration number / Certificate under the Delhi Shops & Establishment Act. 1954/ Factories Act, 1948   N/A
21 Copy Of Application For Amendment   Click Here
22 Annual Return – Rule 82 (2)   Click Here

Name & Address of the Contractor Establishment M/s Piyush Administrative Services
Name and address of the Prop./ Partner/ Dir of Establishment Sh Deepak Behl
Website Address
Name & Address of Site where Contract labour is to be Employed Sachdeva Public School, FP Block, Pitam Pura, New Delhi 
Nature of Work of contract Supply of Manpower
Max no. Of workers proposed to be Employed 120
Period of Contract 01/04/2016 to 31/03/2018
Name & Address of Person incharge of  Site/ Contract  Work Dr Vats
Date of Payment of Wages 7th of Every Month
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PITAMPURA, DELHI-110088, Poorvi Pitampura, Pitampura, New Delhi,

Phone: 011-27322371, 27325795, 27322252 & 27324452

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