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The school provides a plethora of extra-curricular activities. Besides being fun and a great way to interact with peers, these activities enhance student's overall productivity. By participating in various activities around the year, the students learn to manage their time, relieve stress and learn to strive for excellence in more than one thing. These activities are therefore, clear rewards, in the form of fun and enhanced life skills.

Activity Calendars 2021-22
S.No. Activity Calendars Details
1. Classes I & II Click here
2. Classes III-V Click here
3. Class LKG-UKG Click here
4. March 2020-UKG Click here
5. March 2020-LKG Click here
6. March 2020- Class II Click here
7. March 2020- Class I Click here
8. February 2020- Class II Click here
9. February 2020- Class I Click here
10. February 2020- UKG Click here
11. February 2020- LKG Click here
12. January 2020-UKG Click here
13. January 2020-LKG Click here
14. JANUARY 2020- CLASS II Click here
15. JANUARY 2020- CLASS I Click here

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