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Environment Initiatives

Mahatma Gandhi rightly said, "There is enough for everyone's need but not enough for anyone's greed. The conservation of the ailing environment is the need of the hour. The survival of the environment is necessary for the survival of the human race.

Keeping this view in mind the students are made to realize their ethical obligation towards the environment. Environment-protection, promotion and conservation is an integral part of the school curriculum. The Eco club of the school fosters a spirit of concern and care towards our environment. Our students enthusiastically participate in various activities organized by the school:-
  • Celebration of important days like Earth Day, Environment Day etc.
  • Planting trees and gifting saplings.
  • Say 'No' to poly bags.
  • Local cleanliness drive
  • Anti-cracker Diwali
  • Celebrating Holi with Herbal colours
  • Importance of 3R's - Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
  • Quiz competitions on environment
  • Poster and slogan making competitions
  • Energy conservation in all forms
  • Best out of waste - Exhibition

Jal Shakti Abhiyan

The school organized a Jal Shakti Abhiyan on 23rd August 2019in the school as per the department of Education’s directions. Events were organized through the day to raise awareness amongst students and staff on the importance of water conservation. The abhiyan started with a tree plantation drive by the students of class VII Eco Club. This was followed by a rally by the NCC Cadets (Boys and Girls) in the neighbourhood to raise awareness on how precious water is and how critical it is to save it right now before the crisis deepens. Poster making activity on the topic 'Save Water' was conducted by class XI. Classes I to XII, also, watched a video and PPT presentation on the topic along with tips to save water in our daily life.

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Handwash Day(LKG and UKG)

Handwashing is an indispensable part of personal hygiene and to spread awareness and it's importance among the children. Handwashing Day was celebrated on 12.7.19 with great enthusiasm. A story was enacted to show how dirty hands can spread germs and keeping them clean can prevent diseases. Right way of washing hands with soap was taught to the children. This activity filled the air with excitement and motivated the children to keep their hands clean.


World Farmer's Day

The school celebrated World Farmer's Day on December 27, 2018. An effort was made by the teachers, to create awareness among the little ones about how the farmers work hard day and night on the fields to feed us.
A bunch of children came dressed as farmers, along with the farming tools. The teachers briefed the children about the tools needed for farming. The children were enthralled and happy to be a part of this activity.
The celebration came to an end with childrenplanting tree sapling in the school garden.


Coconut Day (LKG and UKG)

One of the nature's most valuable gift is coconut which is described as 'Tree of life' or ' Heavenly tree'. Every part of the coconut and its tree is valuable and useful in someway or the other.
              Nursery also celebrated 'Coconut Day', mainly to create an awareness about the importance, nutritive value and advantages of coconut.
               Children enjoyed making cutout of a coconut and were thrilled to take it home. Along with this children relished coconut delicacies brought from home.
               The day was complete package of fun, frolic and knowledge.


Plant a sapling ( UKG)

Needless to say, trees are indispensable for human survival and their importance cannot be overlooked. To educate the children about the numerous benefits an activity' Plant a sapling' was organised on 20th August 2018. Children of class UKG planted saplings in the school garden. Children and teachers participated in the activity with great zeal and enthusiasm. Teachers talked to the children about the things plants give us. Children raised slogans ' Grow more trees', ' Trees are our green friends'. Each sapling repreented their dream of' Green Earth'. It was a novel experience for the little ones packed with essential knowledge and fun.


'Gift a Tree' - Tree Plantation Drive

According to a research, people cut down 15 billion trees each year and the global tree count has fallen by 46% since the beginning of human civilization. And that is a cause of worry and perhaps a great threat to humanity. Hence to spread awareness among the young students and to sensitize them to the need to increase the greenery of the Earth, our school participated in a tree plantation drive-‘Gift a Tree’, organized by Times Group and Smile Foundation. The students planted 20 saplings in the school premises with great enthusiasm. Members of Smile Foundation visited the school with some students to facilitate the planting and were appreciated by Principal Ms. Mona Rastogi.

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Swachh Bharat Rally (UKG)

The little ones of SPS took the "SWACHH BHARAT ABHIYAN" beyond the boundaries of classrooms. A Cleanliness drive was organised by the teachers that involved enthusiastic participation by the kids,who were keen to create awareness about the significance of keeping the environment clean. 
Beautiful posters depicting ways to keep the surroundings clean were held by every child. Slogans of - "Clean Delhi, Green Delhi" were raised by them and were impressive enough to hold everyone captive. The Principal, Mrs. Mona Rastogi applauded the students and teachers for their hearty efforts.

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Cleanliness Drive Week ( Class I and II )

" Live Life Cleaner. Make Earth Greener"
Cleanliness Drive Week was observed in classes I and II from 1-8 September 2017. A special assembly was organized to take oath of cleanliness in which students promised to keep their surroundings clean. They also presented related poems and speeches in assembly. The tiny tots made poster on keeping India clean and green and along with teachers took out a rally around the school to encourage their elders to keep India clean. The teachers also discussed how to keep their home and school clean and its importance. It was a great week full of fun and learning. 


Awareness Rally- Conservation of Flora
The students of classes I and II took out a rally on 18th July 2017 to spread awareness about conservation of flowers.

They made posters and talked to the residents of Pitampura area and senior students of the school about the importance of flowers and their beauty. They raised slogans and walked around the school also.


Story time(Health is Wealth) and Swachh Bharat

To inculcate the spirit of hygiene, cleanliness in our children from initial years of their schooling a special assembly was organised on 5th October ’16  .To Contribute more towards this a story dramatization was also conducted on “Health is Wealth” emphasizing different activities on hygiene.  


Green Drive by TOI

Delhi- a city full of greenery not long ago is losing its charm and its  deteriorating air quality is a cause of concern. To make up for the damaged environment and bring back the lost charm, students of class VIII participated in the ‘Green Drive’ organised by TOI by planting tree saplings to make Delhi green and pollution free. Students gave prompt answers to the questions put up by the organisers which inculcated in them a spirit of awareness and responsibility. The enthusiastic and energetic participation by students lived up to the motto of the event-‘Life really grows on trees, Plant one today!’ 

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‘Planting Trees in the Neighbourhood’ – ISA Activity

Trees are called the lungs of the Earth and provide us with life sustaining oxygen. To spread awareness in the society about this green gold of our Earth, the eco-friendly students of Sachdeva Public School, Pitampura planted trees in the neighbourhood and took their learning of the environment to the next higher level – spreading the message of going green.


World Health Day (UKG)

Healthy day was celebrated in the nursery wing with zest and zeal. The teachers presented a story emphasising the importance of healthy food.


ISA Activity- on Environmental Awareness and Poster Making

‘Teaching children about the natural world should be seen as one of the most important events in their lives’.

Sachdeva Public School, Pitampura believes in sensitizing children towards changes in global environment and equipping them with ideas to nurture nature. The school organized a workshop on environmental awareness and conservation in different countries for classes IV and V.


This was followed by poster making activity wherein the students showcased their creative aptitude and prepared posters to spread awareness about conservation of environment. The students actively participated in the activity and emphasized their stand towards revamping the current state of affairs to make our earth a better place to live..


Delhi’s Beauty is Everyone‘s Duty Cleanliness Drive

On 16 October 2014, the students of classes VI to VIII of Sachdeva Public School organized an awareness campaign. They along with their teachers organized a rally to sensitize people about the value of cleanliness and the harmful consequences of keeping the surroundings dirty. They visited the neighboring areas and voiced their concerns. They also projected views through slogans and pamphlets. It was a successful event which strived to create awareness among people and encourage the clean action.


Swachh Bharat, Swachh Vidyalaya Abhiyan

Activity Plan under Swachh Bharat, Swachh Vidyalaya Abhiyan


The following activities will be undertaken by our school between  25th September, 2014 to 31st October, 2014.


L.K.G. – U.K.G.

Cleanliness rally, story dramatization, collage work, Hand washing activity, Special assembly, slogans/banners, quiz, group discussion using Teach Next, rhymes/songs, talk in the classroom


I – II

1.         Poster Making

2.         Badge Making

3.         Awareness campaign



1.         Talk in the assembly on teaching of Mahatma Gandhi on cleanliness and hygiene.

2.         Cleanliness drive

3.         English paragraph writing “Cleanliness is next to godliness”.

4.         Green Week (22nd September to 27th September, 2014)



1.         Cleanliness drive

2.         Painting Competition

3.         Essay writing in Hindi


 IX – X

1.         Postermaking Health and Hygiene

2.         Class Board Decoration

3.         Slogan writing – Hindi



1.         Poster making

2.         Movie/Documentary on cleanliness


Speech in Assembly

1.         Cleanliness from the vision and perspective of Mahatma Gandhi

2.         Maintaining Personal and Environmental Hygiene




Earth Day 2014 NURSERY

The earth day was celebrated in the school on 22nd April’14 with lots of fervor. The children dressed as earth, trees and paper bags looked quite attractive. They spread awareness about the ways to save earth by means of a campaign within and outside the school premises. Saving water, using CNG and planting more trees was emphasized upon. They distributed little cut-outs of trees to the people they met on the way. Saplings were later planted by them in the school garden. They spread the important message: - “Plant a tree today, make the earth live longer”.


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