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Fitness Corner


For any society or nation to progress it is important that their citizens are physically fit. Fitness means that people have optimum energy and positively be able to handle day to day physical and emotional challenges.

Keeping this thought in mind. Fitness Week was observed by Sachdeva public School wherein the students of the school participated in utmost exuberance volunteered and participated actively in various physical activities like dance and aerobics. The students also did a couple of free hand exercises in their physical education periods. They also participated in a poem writing competition on the theme ‘Fit India School’ to further reiterate the idea of importance of physical fitness.

To promote the habit of exercise and meditation and as a part of ‘Fitness Week Celebration’ as per the guidelines of CBSE an activity ‘Yoga For All’ was conducted on 13th November 2019 in the school premises. A total of 550 students participated in it. They were educated on the importance of yoga and were explained that yoga helps in maintaining not only physical but also mental health for everyone. The session began with warm-up exercises which were followed by various simple but useful ‘aasanas’. The students were guided include yoga in their daily routine for the wholesome and salubrious effects on mind, body and soul.

As a part of the Fit India Week, class XI students participated enthusiastically and overwhelming exuberance in the ‘ Fit India- Cooking Competition’. The participants chiefly focused on healthy and nutritious food eating habits. The competition was held on two days with 32 teams of four participants each. The main dish of each team concerted to not only taste but health as well. Salads, chaats, fruits,health drinks and mocktails demonstrated the culinary skills of the young sachdevians. The Principal emphasized on the benefits of healthy and nutritious food habits among children for a healthy and Fit India in her closing speech.   

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The students viewed the launching of ‘Fit India Movement’ by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi on 29th August 2019 on the occasion of ‘National Sports Day’. Stressing on the need to be fit, the Prime Minister said that a healthy India is his goal and added that people must change their mindsets when it comes to physical fitness. The children learnt the importance of fitness and promised to inculcate the habit of exercising in their lives. A fitness pledge was also administered on this occasion.


Physical Fitness Week- Classes I and II

Being physically active is the key to being physically and mentally fit. It helps children to have a more balanced and physically fit personality. This training if started at young age, it can set up good habits for life. Today’s child needs this training as it is considered as mood booster and brings positive reactions in the body. Keeping such benefits and today’s need in mind Physical Fitness Week was observed in classes I and II.
They were involved in different activities like yoga, meditation, indoor and outdoor games, aerobics and dance workshop. The children enjoyed all the activities and they were also told the importance of these activities, so that they make it their habit. Being physically fit also improves academic performance of the children. It was a fun filled week. Relaxing exercises made them active and fresh after coming back from long summer break. Such activities are added to their routine from time to time to keep them physically, emotionally and mentally fit.

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