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    Sachdeva Public School Model United Nations Conference'15


Sachdeva Public School Model United Nations, since its inception in 2014, has been a prestigious event and this year, SPSMUN promises to raise its levels bigger and better. What distinguishes SPSMUN is the effort put into crafting all its details in the best possible manner and this is why we guarantee quality debates. With quality agendas and committees, we also have one the best executive boards in town. Not only this, we also ensure a hospitable environment that facilitates debate. We proudly welcome you all to the second edition of SPSMUN that will carry forward this legacy with exuberance.

Message from the Chairman


“Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to Mankind.”-John F. Kennedy

Today, we live in a world that is rife with conflict and strife amongst nations. Not just political differences but ideological disparity, conflicts in the name of God and religions and heightened intolerance towards minorities, weak and marginalized communities are growing exponentially. Wars – whether overt or covert – divert the already scarce resources away from any nation’s developmental goals into unproductive, wasteful channels with no fruitful outcome .

The need of the hour is to bring about people of the world to a common forum where the conflicts can be resolved through engagement, dialogue and mutual understanding. Schools are a microcosm of the world as such and intellectually challenging activities such as MUNs provide an opportunity to students to work towards global peace and mutual co-operation. We, at SPS, have always welcomed avenues that would allow our young, dynamic leaders to widen their horizons beyond mere text book knowledge and venture into the, as of yet, less explored territories of International Politics and Policy Making. Our pioneering venture last year was a roaring success due to our enterprising and hard working team of students and teachers and I, sincerely, hope that last year’s success not only gets replicated this year but metamorphoses into an eagerly anticipated event in the academic world. With this thought in mind, I would like to welcome you to SPS MUN 2015 and its engaging and stimulating sessions ahead.

Warm regards,

Sh. S.K Sachdeva


Sachdeva Public School

Message from the Principal

Mrs.Mona Rastogi

“Peace cannot be kept by force, it can only be achieved by understanding." -Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein’s thought provoking words are not just words but are the beacons of light that can guide our lost, thirsting souls into a universe filled with global peace and brotherhood. The world, today, is battling with confrontations amongst nations, the constant violations of human rights and the ever looming threats of destruction and annihilation. What we desperately need are citizens who are well versed with the futility and nihilism of wars and in whose hearts and minds peace finds resonance.

Through MUNs, students learn about diplomacy, international relations and the UNITED NATIONS. It involves and enhances research skills, public speaking, debating along with critical thinking, leadership abilities and effective conflict resolution.

The raison d’etre for SPS MUN has been to provide one such platform to the young leaders and global citizens of tomorrow to step up to their responsibility towards their nations and towards Mankind as a whole. By pro-actively engaging in this intellectually challenging simulation of world politics and shifting power dynamic between nations, students will get a chance to hone their debating and deliberating skills. We hope to provide a space where students can engage in dialogue and conflict resolution as opposed to empty rhetoric. The objective is to provide just, equitable and lasting solutions to world problems so as to give peace and humanity a chance.

I welcome all of you to participate in SPS MUN 2015 and hope that the conference will bring enlightenment and provide the dynamic, budding leaders of today with strategies and ideas to help resolve the discord and conflicts plaguing the modern world currently.

looking forward to brainstorming sessions ahead.

Mona Rastogi


Message from the Convenor

Mrs.Namrata Malhotra

“Freedom is a timeless value...”

Freedom from poverty, illiteracy, prejudices and terrorism is one of the key agendas of mankind for which we need to collaborate and form bonds based on mutual love, respect and tolerance.

It gives me great pride and immense pleasure to welcome you all to the II edition of SPS MUN. It aims to create the leaders of tomorrow by providing them an understanding and inquisitive bent of mind about the dynamics of the contemporary world. It is an attempt to stipulate the students with a platform to debate, negotiate and deliberate upon the issues of seismic importance. The conscience of children is formed by the influences that surround them and their notions of good and evil are the result of the moral atmosphere they breathe. SPS MUN resolves to explore options that promote global peace and harmony by coming together to join hands and create a robust system of wonderful, peaceful and meaningful existence.

The youth is rising and building a new future – they see the truth of Mahatma Gandhi’s words – “We must become the change we want to see in the world” – even as they obey their heart, follow their dreams and beat their own trail. Their path of hope, courage, honesty and hard work will create a world whose ‘golden age’ is not beyond but ahead of us. So, I sincerely look forward to offer you a warm hospitality and tremendous support in making this conference an incredible experience. I also extend my best wishes to the delegates and greetings to one and all.

Mrs.Namrata Malhotra


Message from the Secretary General

Shubham Malhotra

I feel privileged and honored to be the Secretary General of SPS MUN 2015. MUNing has taught me what no text book could teach: on a smaller scale, a MUN to me is a way to bridge gaps.

I believe MUNs are the means through which we, the future, carve out our ideas in the present. Voicing opinions is an integral part of humanity – this is what provides us with individuality. We are taught to add fuel to the flame of knowledge, to intensify its burning. To us, education is not just a means to attain livelihood but an inroad to enlightenment. Intelligence is not the aim but the by-product. Awareness and understanding is what we seek, and MUN is an activity that provides precisely these things. After hosting a successful first edition, we assure you a much better and bigger conference this year. We promise a good set of committees, a meticulous executive board and a hospitable secretariat at SPS MUN 2015 to ensure that your experience is unforgettable with a great debate parallel to logistical comfort.

I, as the Secretary General, expect an exemplary debate and a lot of enthusiasm from the delegates, and I in turn guarantee you loads of memories to cherish. I promise to contribute to the conference to the best of my ability and make it a memorable three day journey for you all.

Happy Debating

Subham Malhotra

Secretary General



United Nations General Assembly


Angad Singh Madan

Vice Chairperson

Rudraksh Lakra

Substantive Director

Akul Hallan

United Nations Security Council


Taufique Shoogufan

Vice President

Moksh Suri


Sonakshi Aggarwal

Organisation of Islamic Cooperation

Secretary General

Anirudh Bhatia

Deputy Secretary General

Anirudh Pendyala

Representative of Permanent Secretariat

Arayaman Duggal

Commission on Status of Women


Anuj Gandhi

Vice Chairperson

Akshit Seth


Megha Chaturvedi

1945 Hindustan Partition Assembly

Lord Mountbatten

Animesh Mohan

Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru

Ankita Sabharwal

Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Snehil Khadia

Special Meeting called by Albus Dumbledore

Albus Dumbledore

Aradhya Tripathi

Millicent Bagnold

Gautham Balaji


Anoushka Jain

Central Intelligence Agency


Shivish Soni

Deputy Director

Agastya Sen


Osama Bin Laden

Shayer Majumdarn

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

Rahul Krishna


Director General

Tapan Gaur

Secretary General

Shubham Malhotra

Head of IT

Anubhav Mittal

USG Conference Services

Mridula Garg

USG Delegate Affairs

Anuradha Singal

USG External Affairs

Toshika Soni

USG Hospitality

Saksham Chandna

More Information

The individual committee awards are as follows:

  • Best Delegate
  • High Commendations
  • Special Mentions
  • Verbal Mentions
  • Best Delegation

*Number of awardees is at the discretion of the Executive Board.

Conference Guidelines are as follows:

  • The delegate must report to the conference in Western formal/ Indian attire.
  • The usage of internet is strictly prohibited during the committee session.
  • Usage of gadgets should be done in consultation of the executive board.
  • The delegate must report to the committee before time.
  • The delegate should respect the surroundings that may be used throughout the committee session.
  • The delegate must obey instructions from the conference staff members, both inside and outside the committee.

The payment structure is as follows: :

  • School registration fee: INR 2000/-
  • Fee per delegate: INR 1800/-
  • Please take note that all payments are non-refundable

. The payment must be made within 10 days of receiving the allotments, through demand draft in favour of Sachdeva Public School Pitampura.

Payment Details

School Registration Fee: ₹ 2000 /- per school

Delegate Registration Fee: ₹ 1800 /- per delegate

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Director General

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