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Trips / Excursions

Excursion (III-V)

Leisure, Excursion and Travelling -

the three wonderful words whenever come to mind, excite the soul.

 Excursions provide a much needed break from daily routine and facilitate the students to know and understand the multicultural world. Keeping this in mind excursions were planned for the students of classes III to V.

The students of class III enjoyed a wonderful visit to the safe and secure environment of Kidzania on 28 November 2019. The global indoor entertainment learning centre provided fun activities to the students. They got an opportunity to play the roles of pilot, banker, chef, fireman, radio jockey, archaeologist and a lot more. It was a great learning experience for the students.

The students of classes IV and V went to Kingdom of Dreams – a live entertainment and theatre destination. The highlight of the visit was the musical show Jhumroo -   a celebration of India’s greatest singer  Kishore Kumar’s huge repertoire of peppy numbers that are loved even by generations that were born after him. The students also relished delicacies from different states of India in ‘Cultural Gully’.

All the students thoroughly enjoyed the visit and returned to school with wonderful memories and a rejuvenated spirit.


Movie Time- I and II

Excursions make the children more independent and confident. The students of class I and II were taken for the movie ‘Jurassic world’ on 10th and 11th July respectively. The children were excited to see dinosaurs. The movie was full of thrill. The tiny tots had great time there. They enjoyed going in buses together, eating popcorns and frooti. Such small trips teach them sharing and spending time with friends. 


Excursion to Kidzania (Classes III - V)

‘A moment lasts all of a second, but the memory lives on forever’.

The students of Classes III-V got an opportunity to create some wonderful memories for themselves with their visit to global indoor theme park – ‘Kidzania’. The visit turned out to be really fruitful as children got a real life experience about earning and spending money. The students participated in various activities with full enthusiasm that rejuvenated their minds and spirits. They played the role of a surgeon, chef, pilot, radio jockey and many more. The activities boosted their confidence levels and equipped them with life skills such as teamwork and time management. It was a fruitful experience for the students since fun and entertainment had learning incorporated into it.


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Visit to the Science Center

‘Science is organized knowledge which helps to organize life- It is the poetry of reality.”


The students of class VI of Sachdeva Public School, Pitampura visited the National Science Centre on 13th and 14th September 2017. They saw a captivating show ‘Science On Sphere’ (SOS) which is an educational tool used to help illustrate Earth systems on a giant animated global display. They visited a Gallery on Prehistoric life, a recreation of life on earth which has become extinct now. They were thrilled to see the early birds, gigantic dinosaurs and other living creatures presented in the gallery with special ambience of light and sound effects. In Heritage Gallery the students had glimpse of India’s Long and rich heritage in Science and Technology and a journey to become a strong, self-reliant and developed nation. The most liked place was ‘Fun Science Gallery’ because it had hands-on exhibits explaining basic fundamentals of Science. The students enjoyed the Inter-active sessions and the 3D film show. It was a fully immersive experience.


Educational Trip to NASA

A 10-day trip to NASA was organized for the students of Classes VI to X from 28th May, 2017 to 8th June, 2017. A total of 30 students, Principal, Ms. Mona Rastogi and two teachers visited NASA – Kennedy Space Centre, Disney Land, Universal Studios in Orlando, Niagara Falls, MIT and Harvard University in Boston and New York.

At the Kennedy Space Centre, the students got the opportunity to take a bus tour around the facilities and visit a launch site.  They, also, saw the Rocket garden, Atlantis Museum, an audio-visual exhibit Heroes and Legends and a documentary on the creation of Atlantis.  The group got the chance to step into a simulator and experience firsthand a space launch.  The visit culminated with a lunch with the famous astronaut Ms. Wendy Lawrence.

The students, also, had a fabulous time at Disney Land, Magic Kingdom and Universal Studios enjoying the thrilling rides at the parks.

The journey continued on to Buffalo and Niagara Falls.  The group had an enthralling ride of the Maid of the Mist where they experienced nature’s power and beauty at the base of the Falls.

The group, then, moved to Boston where they visited the world famous Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University and did a city tour of the famous Boston landmarks.

The final destination was New York where the students visited the Freedom Towers, the 9/11 Memorial, Madame Tussauds, Times Square and Statue of Liberty.

The group had an enriching experience interacting with the native people of the country learning about their culture, traditions, values and lifestyle.

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Visit to Kidzania (Class VI)

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy’. Keeping this in view an excursion was organised for the students of class VI to ‘Kidzania-Noida’ on 25th October 2016. The visit turned out to be really fruitful as children got a real life experience about earning and spending money. The students participated in various activities with full enthusiasm that not only rejuvenated their minds and spirits but also became an everlasting part of their memory.


Visit to Kidzania (Class III)

‘A leisure trip is the best dose to add some excitement in our lives and it would be an icing on the cake if we could learn from it as well’.

Keeping this view in mind, an excursion to Kidzania was organized for the students of class III on 27 September 2016. This trip brought fun and learning together through a universal form of role play. The young children were awestruck to look at the ambience and different activity zones where they played, learned and explored the things by themselves. This trip provided an authentic and powerful developmental experience to kids to manage their own world. Kids learnt the value of independence, leadership and empowerment. The children became aware of their involvement in the community by playing the role of a pilot, dentist, car mechanic and many more. The kids relished delicious lunch. The trip was truly a spectacular experience for the young ones.


Excursion to Kidzania(class IV)


‘Life brings smiles and memories. The smiles fade but the memories last forever’.

The students of class IV got an opportunity to visit Kidzania, a unique and interactive indoor theme park that empowers, inspires and educates kids through real-life role-play activities. Children played the role of a pilot, surgeon, chef, engineers, radio jockey and many more. Children enjoyed a lot. They got the glimpse of the value of independence, empowerment and leadership. Children came back to school with joyful and unforgettable memories. This new experience fosters a hands-on approach for children to explore the world of work and the wealth of possibilities that it presents in a safe, secure and vibrant environment.

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Excursion- Kidzania (Class V)

‘Creating memories is a priceless gift. Memories will last a lifetime, things only a short period of time’

The students of class V got ample opportunities to create some wonderful memories for themselves with their visit to global indoor theme park-‘Kidzania’. Numerous activities involving role play helped the children acquire hands on experience of the real world awaiting them outside. They enthusiastically performed their roles as fire fighters, lawyers, RJs, surgeons, policemen, archaeologists and many more to get a better understanding and appreciation of these professions. The students mesmerized one and all with their stunning ramp walks and breathtaking acting and dance performances. The activities boosted their confidence levels and equipped them with lifeskills such as time management, teamwork and financial literacy. The excursion was a great fun filled experience which helped them create unforgettable memories.

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Career Fair in Gurudwara Rakab Ganj Sahib

Students of class 12 attended a Career Fair organized by the Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee on 28th April 2016 at Gurudwara Rakab Ganj Sahib, Delhi. Various elite educational institutions and universities guided the students regarding eligibility criteria and admission procedures. They helped the students to acknowledge the appropriate field of study as per their capabilities, aptitudes and interests. About 30 prestigious educational institutions from Delhi and NCR, including Delhi University, Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University, Amity University etc. counselled the students about various career options available. They enlightened the students to choose the suitable courses keeping in view their interests and talent so as to make them successful in academic and practical life.


Visit to Chokhi Dhani (class-V)

A break from work and daily routine is welcomed by all. A visit to Chokhi Dhani at Sonepat was just that. The students of class V had a fun filled outing on Thursday- 17 December 2015. They had a gala time on the swings and slides and thoroughly enjoyed the camel and horse rides. The puppet show, the magic show and the snake charmer left the kids wide eyed and spell bound. The children had a great opportunity to see the rajasthani culture with traditional  ‘welcome’ , the Ghumar and kalvaliya dance performances and the mouth watering Rajasthani cuisine. It was indeed an exciting experience for the students.

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Visit to Zoo - class UKG

Zoo plays an important part in education, recreation and conservation of wildlife. A fun filled trip to the zoo was organized for the little ones of UKG. They were thrilled to watch the animals they had never seen before. Lions, Tigers, Elephants, Owls and Chimpanzees were a major source of attraction for them, apart from various species of birds and reptiles. It was overall, a day well spent along with gaining of knowledge.

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Visit to Aeroplanet - classes I and II

A visit to Aeroplanet was educational as well as entertaining too. The students enjoyed watching real aeroplanes, had activities like sliding and river crossing. They also enjoyed magic show. They danced on DJ and had tasty lunch. It was great fun.

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Visit to Gurudwara - classes I and II

A visit to Gurudwara was organized on the occasion of Gurupurab - the birthday of Guru Nanak Dev ji. Children learn religious values by going into such places. They went quietly in lines, had Prasad and prayed with folded hands. They also enjoyed langar in the Gurudwara. All came back happily.

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Visit to Gurudwara (Classes LKG-UKG)

In a country that is exceptionally rich with vibrant devotion,festivals are great occasions of joy and happiness.
 To inculcate the significance of the festival of Gurupurab, a visit to the Gurudwara was organised for the tiny tots of LKG and UKG.
The Gurudwara was fully alive with religious fervour and sacredness.The children greatly enjoyed the visit. 

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Visit to Nehru Planetarium (Class IV)

The students of class IV visited the Nehru Planetarium and Museum on 7 October 2015 situated at Teen Murti Marg, New Delhi. It gave them an opportunity to know about the life and works of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru through this exciting and informative trip. The students were amazed to see the eternal flame that keeps burning day and night in remembrance of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru. They admired the exquisite museum which houses a wonderful collection of periodicals, rare journals, photographs portraying the life of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru and many more. The children not only learned about the Space Programme of India, ‘The Universe’ but also saw the model of the Spacecraft that took the first Indian astronaut, Mr. Rakesh Sharma into space. The Astronomy Show was a visual delight for the students. The entire trip was memorable and funfilled. 

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Visit to Railway Museum (Class III)

The students of class III visited the Railway Museum on 29 September 2015. The students learnt about the history and development of Railways in India. They went around the Museum Lawns looking at the engines and carriages on display with awe and eagerness. The students were mesmerized by the lavishly furnished carriages which were once used by the Maharajas of India. They showed keen interest in knowing about the engines. They gleefully took a ride on the toy train. It was the most looked forward moment of the entire trip. The visit was a day packed with information and fun.

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Visit to Kingdom of Dreams


Excursions and picnics are an integral part of students life as they break the monotony of their hectic routine and give them an opportunity to channelize their energies and to have their share of fun. Believing in overall development of the students, an excursion was planned for classes VI and VII to KINGDOM OF DREAMS, Gurgaon in the month of August, 2015. Students saw and experienced different facets of Indian Culture in the form of state dances, architectural magnificence, handicrafts and delectable state cuisines. The students were also mesmerized by the musical delight – ZANGOORA.

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Visit to Eternal Gandhi Museum (Class V)

‘My life is my message’

– Mahatma Gandhi

The students of class V got an opportunity to know more about ‘Mahatma Gandhi - Father of the Nation’, when they visited Gandhi Smriti and Eternal Gandhi Multimedia Museum on 17 September 2015. They, not only, got a chance to pay homage to the Mahatma at the site where he attained martyrdom, but also learnt about important events of his life, his ideals and his vision. A rich panorama of tactile interfaces allowed the students to access the multimedia imagery and the multidimensional mind of Gandhiji. Exhibits like ‘E-prison’, Gandhi Harp, In Praise of Gandhi, Kaleidoscope intrigued and enthralled the students. The visit ignited the minds of the young students and provided them the spark to know more about the life of this great man and follow his principles of truth and non-violence.

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Visit to IIT Delhi


 On 18th April, 2015, the students of Sachdeva Public School visitedIIT campus, Delhi, one of the most prestigious institutes in India.IIT had organized an open house to provide an insight into path-breaking research work, students projects & the numerous advanced facilities and laboratories available in IIT Delhi. Almost all fields of engineering  i.e mechanical, physical, chemical, electrical, civil etc. were displayed in the exhibition. Our students also participated in a Science quiz based on `Energy’ and the results are as follows :

1.    Siddhant Jain                         First position

2.    Tavish Kapoor                      Second position

Overall it was a very informative and knowledgeable experience for the students.

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Visit to Delhi Eco Village

The students of Class V Sachdeva Public School went on a refreshing and invigorating picnic to Delhi Eco Village, Alipur on 11 December 2014 and took part in the adventurous activities with great enthusiasm and gusto. 



Children of classes I and II visited to japneese park on 8.12.14 and 10.12.14 respectively. The children had a lot of fun

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Visit to Mother Dairy


The students of class VIII  visited ‘Mother Dairy’ plant located at Patparganj, Delhi as a part of ISA Activity. The purpose of the visit was to collect information about step by step procedure of procurement, processing and distribution of milk. The students  gained knowledge about the various techniques  used and the products  obtained through a documentary film and the brocures. One spokesperson from consumer information department briefed the students about the varieties of milk available and the benefits of consuming them by different age groups. The students not only enjoyed the flavoured milk and ice-cream served at the stalls but also learnt about ‘Operation Flood’ started by the government to light up farmers’ lives with prosperity and self-reliance.  The visit was an eye-opener for them.

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ISA Activity- Movie-Time

Another activity to indulge the children into a plethora of fun was organised on 28th october 2014.
The movie was greatly rejoiced by the kids. 



Visits are always enjoyable and full of fun. They add to knowledge and give a fresh break from routine school days. A visit to Delhi Haat was planned today i.e. 30th Oct for classes I and II. The children were very excited. They had fun watching colourfulthings in the shops. They sang and danced in the stadium of Delhi Haat.

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ISA Activity- VISIT TO THE ZOO(class LKG &UKG)


Zoo plays an important part in education, recreation and conservation of wild life.

 A fun-filled trip to the zoo was organised for the little ones on 27th September. They were thrilled to watch the animals, they had never seen before.

 Lion, tiger, giraffe, elephant and chimpanzees were a major source of attraction for them, apart from various species of birds and reptiles.

It was overall a day well spent with gaining of knowledge. 


Trip to Aeroplanet

Excursions are always full of fun and excitement. A school trip was organised for the classes I and II to the Aeroplanet, dwarka on 20.9.14 and 27.9.14 respectively. The students were familiarised with air travel etiquettes along with how to use the safety belt, life jacket, oxygen masks. Children enjoyed the magic show, trampoline and delicious lunch. The trip was very refreshing and memorable for everyone.

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A visit to various places of Delhi depicting its journey from ancient to modern. (ISA ACTIVITY)

The students visited the following places on 30 August, 2014 :-

1. Seeking Divine Blessings

 The students visited Gurudwara Nanak Piao ,the place where the revered saint Guru Nanak visited in the year 1505.The place  attained the status of historical shrine and a pilgrimage. The students not only attended the morning prayer but also visited the place from which Guru Nanak Dev served water to the thirsty people . 

2.    Exploring Ancient India

The students then visited the epitomes of rich cultural heritage of India like Purana Qila Ferozshah Kotla and Humayun’s tomb. They were left spellbound to see the gigantic structures that can be described as some of the finest examples of architectural skills of Indian crafts men..The excavation site in Purana Qila showed some direct proof of past era .They visited the museum  located at Purana Qila and got the glimpses of India’s rich culture and traditions .Humayun’s tomb is the  first garden tomb on the Indian subcontinent and was declared as a UNESCO world heritage site in 1993.The students were awestruck by the beauty of the main tomb as well as the several smaller monuments dotting the pathway ,leading up to the main tomb.

3.    A Book Lover’s delight

Books can be described as’ windows’ to the world and the 20th Delhi Book Fair held at Pragati Maidan provided an opportunity to the students to widen their vision of the world.

The students browsed through various books of their interest .They appreciated the concept of bringing a marvellous and vast collection of all sorts of books  under one roof and added that they felt inspired to inculcate reading habits.


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ISA Activity- Agricultural Farm Visit

‘Agriculture is the backbone of any nation’s economy ‘.

The students of class VIII visited a farm in the outskirts of Delhi on 20 August 2014. This was their maiden venture. There they gathered information about the implements used for farming also about the various farming techniques used by Indian farmers. They also had ‘hands on’ experience of different steps involved in growing crops like preparation of soil for cultivation, ‘sowing of seeds, making and adding manure, irrigation of fields, harvesting and storage of crops etc. The visit was interesting and informative. The students learnt a lot about this primary activity ‘Agriculture’.   

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visit to Agrasen ki Baoli

Heritage is what we have perceived from our ancestors and our duty is to preserve it for the future generations. In order to do so, we must save the ancient monuments that are the epitome of courage and a symbol of cultural expressions.

To contribute their bit in this direction, the students of classes VI-VIII visited  ‘Agrasen ki Baoli’ on 27 June 2014 for the research work.

This visit not only gave them an insight into the existence of these structures but also the need to protect them. 


Visit to Red Fort


India has an extraordinary , vast and diverse cultural heritage. The ancient monuments are the pride of our nation .

One such monument , the Red Fort was visited by the students of classes III-V for research work.

The visit was a great learning experience and the children returned with a better understanding of the monument. They were spellbound by its grandeur and glory. 


Visit To Nasa

An  educational trip to NASA was organized for the students of Class VI to XII. A group of 44 students, 4 teachers and Vice Principal went on a 12 days trip to USA from 8th May to 20 May, 2014.  During this trip, the group visited Washington DC, NASA-Kennedy Space Centre, Disney Land, Universal Studios in Orlando, New York, MIT and Harvard University in Boston.

At Kennedy Space Centre, they got the opportunity to visit the launch area, Rocket Garden, Atlantis Museum and saw a documentary of creation of Atlantis.  The group also had lunch with the famous, astronaut Mr. Bruce Melnick and learnt a lot about space science.

After  this funfilled learning experience, the students had a great time at Disney land and Universal studios enjoying the thrilling rides at the parks.  The visit to Cocoa Beach added a lot of excitement to the trip.

The journey continued with a visit to New York – the city of Sky Scrapers.  The group saw Empire State Building, Times square, Ground Zero and Statue of liberty.

At Washington D.C., the group had a great time visiting the White House, Lincoln Memorial and Smithsonian Air and Space Museum.

The trip came to an end with a visit to world famous MIT and Harvard Universities at Boston.

The students had a great time interacting with the native people of the country, learning about their culture, traditions and life style. The first international trip of the school was indeed a great learning experience that students and teachers would cherish forever.

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Visit to Iskon temple

The students of classes I and II visited Iskon temple, Punjabi bagh on 5th and 6th may 2014 respectively. The visit was arranged to make them aware about the places of worship. They danced to the tunes of Hare Rama, Hare Krishna.

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IIT Delhi, Open House 2014

A group of 25 students of Class XII from the school attended the IIT Delhi Open House 2014 on 19th April, 2014. The event comprised of exhibits by various departments and visit to the various labs. The exhibits ranged from simple tricks with chemicals to designing 3D printer and robots. Our students participated in the Physics and Chemistry quiz being conducted by IITians and were appreciated.

The IITians were helpful in answering queries of the students. It was a remarkable experience for all the students & teachers who attended this program.



The visit to the post office was a joyful activity for the pre schoolers. They were thrilled to see Inland letters and post cards. Posting a self addressed post card into the letterbox was good enough to paint smiles on their faces.



A fun filled excursion was organized for the kids to the post office and fire station. It laid out some delightful moments for all the pre schoolers as they were filled with joy to watch the fire engines and firemen. Their excitement was surely at the peak to see the mock fire drill. 


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