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Annual Athletic Meet 2013-2014

‘Sports do not build character. They reveal it.’

We at Sachdeva Public School believe that sports play an important role in the overall development of a child’s personality. Upholding this principle, the Annual Athletic Meet was organized by the Primary Wing of the school on 26 February 2014. The day began by lighting of the torch by Vice – Principal of the school, Mrs. Mona Rastogi. She declared the meet open and this set the ball rolling for the various events. First event was a well choreographed, rhythmic display of aerobics by the students. This was followed by the various races. The excitement of the students was worth watching. They participated in the races with great zeal, fervor and enthusiasm. The spectators cheered for their friends with gusto. Mrs. Mona Rastogi urged the students to make sports a way of life as it helps them to learn the values like discipline, sportsmanship and boosts their confidence. The meet came to a close with the awarding of medals to the proud winners.

Events held during the day

  1. Flat Race (Boys & Girls)               Classes III, IV, V
  2. Relay Race (Boys & Girls)            Class III
  3. Sack  Race (Boys & Girls)             Class  IV
  4. Hurdle Race (Boys & Girls)          Class V
  5. Obstacle Race (Boys & Girls)       Class III
  6. Baton Relay Race (Boys & Girls) Class IV
  7. Jump Over the Partner Race (Boys & Girls) Class V

Musical Chairs for Teachers



It was a bright sunny morning and so, the students of classes III to V gathered in the basket ball court for a Music Workshop. The students refreshed their knowledge of the various musical notes and the different types of musical instruments. They sang devotional songs followed by fun. Numbers that filled every heart with cheer, joy and merriment. 



Dance comes naturally to a child.

The morning rains set the mood and the primary wing enjoyed the ‘Solo Dance Competition’.The students of Class III performed at peppy numbers and the students of Class IV showed their skill at Indian classical dance. The flexibility of the body was displayed by the graceful dancers of class V.

Mona Ma’am , lauded the effort and enthusiasm of the students and teachers.



A new year marks a new beginning. It’s the time for new aims and goals, new decisions and resolutions. This was highlighted by the students of class IV-G, in their class presentation, ‘Happy New Year’. The students spoke with great confidence and conviction and motivated the children to make every coming year better than the previous one.  



‘Make this Earth green and beautiful.’ This message was beautifully put across by the students of class III-C today in their class presentation- ‘Each One, Plant One’. The students dressed in beautiful colourful costumes highlighted the importance of trees and plants in our life and laid stress on the need to conserve the greenery around us. 


First Aid Workshop For Classes VI-X

Student life is marked by a period of increased physical activity and is directly proportional to their tendency to get injuries. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that children should know how to deal with emergencies.

Keeping in view the importance of first-aid, medical workshops were conducted for the students of classes VI to X on the ways to deal with emergencies. The children were told the importance of a calm and quick response in an emergency situation, as it has the potential to save a life.

The workshop emphasized on the need to keep ourselves cool and not panic when an emergency strikes.

The children learnt how to deal with some commonly occurring emergency situations such as burns, epileptic and asthmatic attacks, sprains, etc.

Through this workshop, the students learnt the importance of first-aid and the ways to provide it to others when as emergency occurs.


Cooking Without Fire VI-VIII

The students of classes VI- VIII offered a treat to eyes as well as to the taste buds through the competition ‘Cooking without Fire’ held on 14 February 2014. The upcoming chefs presented their cooking talents by preparing mouth watering delicacies that included Sandwiches, Salads, Yummy Delights and Tasty Treats. The students did not leave any stone unturned while presenting their cuisines beautifully. The event turned out to be a real success as everyone participated enthusiastically.


English Conversation and Handwriting Week

  1. Just A Minute- JAM session
  2. How much have I understood?- comprehension
  3. Paragraph Writing
  4. Listening Activity
  5. English Poetry Recitation Competition


Health Week

  • Opening Ceremony
  • Class presentation
  • Sports Day 
  • Quiz


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